My Dear Colleagues,

Our world is rapidly changing. Perhaps the most rapid change we experience is in fields concerning the human factor, and the progress of medical knowledge increases in a dizzying speed. Scientific meetings play a crucial part worldwide in this enhancing pool of knowledge as a significant sharing platform. Therefore, thousands of medium- and large-scale medical congress and symposiums are organized worldwide every year. In Turkey, about 120 meetings are organized every year in the field of eye diseases alone; and the most comprehensive of them all is our National Congress.

These large-scale congress gather many features of other meetings together; not only many colleagues come together and share their knowledge and experiences but also fulfill their longing for each other through social activities and meet new colleagues and build fellowships. Meanwhile, new horizons are set and a serious communion of knowledge is built by coming together with administrative and legal authorities in the field of medicine, or building a “public diplomacy” as well as a “scientific diplomacy” with the guests and participants from overseas. In addition, being one of the main elements of scientific development, medical industry meets the doctors that, in fact, practice medicine, and sharing ideas delivers different and new dimensions to this development. The fact that the industry goes beyond the limits and attempts to embrace the world causes local or national congress to have a rather international quality.

47th National Congress of Turkish Ophthalmology Society  will be held on November 6 – 10, 2013 under the supervision of TOS Diyarbakır Branch in Kemer, Antalya which is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey. Both TOS Executive Board members and TOS NCOC members put forth their energy and effort for a long time to realize the best organization possible in terms of both scientific and social sense. We hope this congress is worthy of our community. I would like to thank all contributors.

Our congress coincides with "Atatürk Week", which commemorates the loss of one of the most important leaders in the world, the founder of our republic and our 1st President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. An exhibition of Atatürk’s photographs will be organized during the congress, and a remembrance ceremony for Atatürk will be held on November 10, 2013. I invite all of our colleagues to come together in the spiritual presence of Atatürk.

Turkish Ophthalmology Society aims to not only give scientific and professional qualities to its members but also create, develop and improve a certain standard of judgment. We aim to introduce the highest and most prestigious social and international values to our community in addition to professional ethics. In this sense, TOS is an institution that prioritizes the feeling and value of “loyalty”, and incorporates this value in the foundation of unity and solidarity.

Therefore, our 47th Congress is organized in memory of our Founding Faculty Member and Head of Diyarbarkır Dicle University Medical Faculty Eye Diseases Department, late Prof. Dr. Sezin Karadede; and an honorary conference will be organized by our most valuable and senior lecturers to remember late Prof.Dr.Ercan Öngör, Prof.Dr. Çolpan Mirzataş and Op.Dr.Arif Şerifoğlu. We would like to pay our respect to these beloved departed.

A prestigious group of guests from about 30 different countries that held and still holding office in their countries and international professional organizations as well as their scientific contributions to global ophthalmology will attend to our congress. These guests will revive and enrich our congress through numerous conferences, panels and presentations. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their contributions in creating a strong atmosphere of “scientific diplomacy” and helping Turkish Ophthalmology to merge with the rest of the world.

We will be accompanied by many prestigious guests from ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Security to the members of Supreme Court, Turkish Medical Association and Forensic Medicine that will contribute to administrative, legal and ethical areas in our field.

About 30 administrative meetings and a total of 600-hour activities have been planned for the congress during which around 500 of our colleagues will share their knowledge with the rest of the participants. I would like to express my gratitude and thanks on behalf of Turkish Ophthalmology family to all colleagues and guests that generously and diligently present and share their years of experience, our beloved members that enrich our event with their attendance, and the ophthalmology industry, our organization company and the officials of the congress center that support the congress.

I wish us all a strong and unified ophthalmology family, and a fruitful congress.

My best and kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Süleyman Kaynak FEBO
President of Turkish Ophthalmology Society

My  Dear Colleagues,

I am honoured to invite you to the 47th National Convention organized with the contributions of Diyarbakır Branch celebrating the 85th anniversary of the foundation of Turkish Ophthalmology Society.

Planned to be held in Rixos Sungate Hotel Convention Center in Kemer, Antalya on 6- 10 November, our convention will be organized in memory of one of the faculty members of Dicle University Medical Faculty, our late Prof. Dr. Sezin KARADEDE.
In recent years, we have been experiencing some difficult times in terms of doctor-patient relations and working conditions of our doctors. We need to strengthen our unity and solidarity, in order to overcome this period with convenience. This national convention is crucially important not only in terms of conveying scientific developments but also to maintain our unity and solidarity.

Various conferences, panels, courses, oral and poster presentations, interactive and live surgical meetings presented by Turkish and foreign scientists will be organized in our convention. I deeply believe that we will be able to enhance our national and international prestige, strengthen our fellowship and friendship, and complete this program in the best way.

I would like to express my gratitude to TOS Central Board of Directors (CBD) and Members of the Board in Diyarbarkır Branch for their efforts in designating the convention center and their contributions in organizing the convention, TOS Unit Boards of Directors for their assistance in preparing and conducting the scientific program, and my fellow colleagues who will honour to our convention with their participation.

I would also like to express my sincere thanks to commercial, medical and medicinal companies supporting us with their sponsorships, the team of our convention agency Global Turizm Organizasyon, management and staff of Rixos Sungate Hotel Convention Center.
I sincerely express my utmost respect and invite the entire ophthalmology community to the 47th TOS National Convention along with all participants including doctors, nurses and medical personnel attending from within and outside of Turkey, as well as commercial, medical and medicinal companies.

Prof. Dr. İhsan ÇAÇA
President of TOS Diyarbakır Branch
vice President of TOS NCOC