Turkish Ophthalmology Association is celebrating its 90th year of establishment. We boast our 90 years full of accomplishments being the only association with full unity in our glorious history. We are organizing our 52nd Congress in this environment of joy and pride with the aim of new successes that will burst with pride.

We will arrange our 52nd Congress at the Maxx Royal Otel in magnificent Antalya’s popular town Belek with the contributions of our Bursa Section. Maxx Royal Belek will be a convention venue that we will proudly present to our members, since it’s being in one of the bests in domestic and foreign evaluations of accommodation and vacation facilities and has the technical equipment and physical structure for our scientific sessions which normally take place in many halls simultaneously and the attendance of about 2500 people. Furthermore, we will be using this popular venue with proper prices that we also got when we organized the same event back in 2016 and even with some price improvements. This is also another matter of us using resources of our Association in the most efficient and economical way.

In our day, there are swift as wind improvements in science and technology areas and Ophthalmology is ranked in top places in sciences with peak information improvements-transitions. Turkish Ophthalmology Association is exerting best efforts through organizing various scientific events for renovating Turkish Ophthalmology and Ophthalmologist to be in cutting edge level and also for the standardization of education. We are both boasting and having the responsibilities and awareness of giving the best and the most important service in our country for this matter. We are organizing approximately 120-130 scientific meetings in one year, excluding the Ability Transmission Programmes (BAP), which we practically organize every weekend in our Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa TODEMs. In these meetings, as well as sharing the latest informations, there is also experiment sharing which we all very well know is crucial in medical science. Our National Congress have the feature of a celebration; while collecting many of our other meetings attributions in its contexture, colleagues sharing their informations, experiences and insights, as well as fulfilling their longings within social programmes and meeting new colleagues and forming a brotherhood. Our Congress is building a significant opportunity in point of the education of Ophthalogomists which is one of the most important goals of our Association. We find an opportunity to demonstrate the contemporary status of our country’s Ophthalmology and our National Congress’ to foreign colleagues while transmitting information with our clued-up colleagues invited from abroad. We believe the foreign debaters will give a novel touch to our Congress. Medical industry, fundamental to scientific improvement, is coming together in our congress’ elite environment with the doctors, who are practitioners of the medicine and new and different opinions and horizons are arising with the shared ideas. We are delightedly seeing the success of our congress and meetings as a result of the close collaboration between Ophthalmology Industry and our Association based on transparent, principled and mutual respect. For the coordination of National Congress Organization Committee, all presidents and executive committees and organizational companies are working hard and in harmony in order for our congress to be successful in every sense. Our National Congresses have become unarguably the main focus for our industry companies due to the fact that they are the organizations with high level of participation and success since before now. Thanks in advance for our participant companies that will variegate our congress with various sponsorships.

Our colleagues will have the opportunity to share their own experiences while the local and foreign speakers cover the waterfront of current issues through such events as approx. 12 BİLEP, 32 Panels of which 13 of interactive, 10 Courses, 14 Meetings with the Support of Industry (Satellite Symposium, Consult the Expert, Industrial Survey Meeting), 7 Keynote Conferences, 22 Verbal Notice forum, 23 BAKs, 3 Honor Conferences, SOE Conference, FFA Club and foreign speaker meetings in our Congress’ scientific program which are completed to a great extent with the labour intensive of UKOK. Our Young Ophthalmologists whose we see as our future, are have the opportunity to discuss the scientific issues in-depth with foreign guests when they’re off duty, as well as to form friendships that will benefit in international relations in the future in a meeting room that is assigned to them during Congress. We also place a special emphasis on our Congress’ social program. Social Committee is working so hard and with their whole creativity to organize various and exquisite social activities for you to get rest and have a good time with your friends in your busy scientific meeting schedule.

Dear Colleagues, you will once again be the most important actors of our National Congress this year with your scientific studies that you will address to our congress, your high attention that you will offer to our meetings, your contributions in scientific discussions and your presence in social environments.

Special thanks to all of my colleagues and guests who reveal and share their years of experiences with such high energy and generosity in order for our 52nd National Congress to take place with the enthusiasm of our Glorious Association’s 90th year of establishment, to our beloved Members who enriched us with their participations, to the ophthalmology industry who supported the Congress, to our organization company who worked so hard for our Congress to be perfect and to congress center officials in the name of Turkish Ophthalmology family, and I am honored to invite you to this great Celebration which will take place between the dates of 13-18 November 2018.

Hoping to meet you at Congress!….

With Love and Respect,

Prof. Dr. Osman Şevki Arslan
President of Congress
Chairman of Turkish Ophthalmology Association

Dear Colleagues,

We, the TOA  Bursa Branch, are honored to carry out the 52nd National Congress at the 90th year of establishment of one the most deep-rooted and respective associations, Turkish Ophthalmology Association.

Science is inevitable in every part of the life and it gradually gets harder to keep up with the flow of knowledge. In this respect, our congress, which provides an opportunity for following the latest progressions of ophthalmology, to see technological developments in place, to share our studies that we put effort on for whole year and to get closer with our colleagues, will be organized at Antalya Belek Maxx Royal Congress Centre, the venue which already hosted the successful meetings, on the dates of 13-18 November.

Turkish Ophthalmology family is growing bigger and bigger every passing year with the newly entrant young colleagues. Collaboration of TOD with international professional organizations is playing a major role for foreign colleagues to attend our National congress. This year, just like every year, we are trying to get better while arranging the congress program, marking the fluid dynamics of ophthalmology and your feedbacks. At the first day of the congress, there will be Keynote meetings including the start of the scientific program with Unit Forward-Education Programs (BİLEP), honor conferences, panel discussions, interactive meetings, Ability Transmission Programmes (BAKs) and the presentations of foreign speakers. Our scientists, each one of them is expert in their fields, will share their knowledge and experience with us.

Congress social committee is also carrying out the program preparations worthily for a prestigious association that celebrating its 90th year of establishment.
I would like to thank to all units who supported the scientific program of the National Congress which is the single most important organization of the Turkish Ophthalmology community, and to precious scientists who participate in those scientific programs and share their knowledge, dear colleagues who will present their studies with us, the industrial companies who contributed to our congress and to our congress organization company, as National Congress Organization Committee (UKOK) and TOD Bursa Section.

Dear Colleagues, I am inviting you to Antalya, wishing a congress which contains all the beauty and meet the expectations of scientific and social angles of TOD 52nd National Congress, presenting my best regards.

Prof. Dr. Nilgün Yıldırım
Head of TOA
  Bursa Branch 
Congress Vice President


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