Dear colleagues,

In order to make “TOA Live Surgery Days” organization, which we will carry out 3th time this year, more successfully and to transform the meeting preparations into an organizational structure, we have formed the TOA Live Surgery Symposium Directive.

Thus, just as in our National Congress organization, the possibility of setbacks will be decreased to minimum by making the flow chart of the preparations and schedules depend on certain rules in the organization of our Live Surgery Symposium as well. On the other hand, through sub-committees that were established in accordance with our directive, the work will be more efficient and as the individuals responsible for each division of labour are evident, the follow-up of the works will be easier and more realistic. In addition to this, LSOC (Live Surgery Organization Board) worked very hard in order to meet your expectations in the best way possible and to organize a successful meeting as much as possible by spending long working hours about the subjects such as duration, place and scientific program flow by taking the survey data obtained from you into account.

We are pleased with the attention you showed for our first two Live Surgery Symposium and this also plays a motivating role to encourage us even more for the meeting we will organize this year. On the other hand, it also gives us the responsibility to organize a meeting as successful as the previous ones, if not more successful. Aware of all these, one of our main purposes is to organize and present this surgical feast which is maybe one of a kind across the world in the opthalmology field for the attendance of our colleagues, with live and video surgery sessions that include routine practices in many surgical branches and difficult cases.

TOA 3. Live Surgery Symposium will tahe place on June 20-22, 2019 at Wyndham Grand Levent Istanbul Otel and Congress Center and live surgery practices which will be performed at Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Department of Opthalmology Hospital will be conveyed via satellite to the congress center for 2 full-days. That the space of the Congress is located in the center of Istanbul and that there is a subway station beneath provide a significant advantage in terms of transportation especially in the heavy Istanbul traffic. For two full-days and two part-time days, live and video surgical sessions of our KRC, VRC, Glokom, KOY, Şaşılık, OPC units, satellite symposiums will be carried out in the congress center with the single saloon practice. Thus, the possibility for our colleagues to watch all the scientific events has been created.

Under the coordination of LSOC, The Chairmen and Executive Councils of our Participant Units work very hard with harmony in order for the Symposium to be successful in every way. I thank them wholeheartedly. On behalf of you, I thank and offer my gratitude to the administrators of Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty, Cerrahpaşa Department of Opthalmology, its faculty members and other employees.

This common Live Surgery Symposium has been the focus of our Industry firms as well. I thank in advance to our participant companies that will revive our Symposium with various sponsorships. I, also, would like to thank and express my gratitude for the Global Tourism Organization company which made great efforts in the organization with its meticulous and self-denying works.

Hoping to be together in this magnificient feast of ours, in the charming atmosphere of our beautiful Istanbul, I’d like to invite all of our members on behalf of our Central Management Committee and LSOC to the TOA 3. Live Surgery Symposium.

With my sincerest love and respect,

Prof. Dr. Osman Şevki Arslan
Chairman of Turkish Opfthalmology Association