Dear Colleagues,

39th Winter Symposium organized by Turkish Ophthalmological Association Konya-Antalya Regional Branch will be held on 19-21 January 2018 at Rixos Premium Belek Otel, Antalya.

The current diagnosis and treatments of inflammatory diseases related to eyes and ocular adnexa will be presented by expert colleagues during this symposium entitled "Ocular Inflammation". Furthermore, panels adressing the approach to inflammatory events  following medical and surgical treatments will take part as well.  In addition to 9 panels, 2 conferences and 1 satellite meeting in regard to the main theme, the symposium will be enriched with the meetings of "Strabismus" and "Cataract and Refractive Surgery" subspecialties.

I would like to thank the Administrative Board Members of Konya-Antalya Regional Branch due to their contribution to the organization of symposium and the preparation of the scientific program, all the speakers honoring us by accepting our invitation, all pharmaceutical and medical device companies supporting us and the administrators and workers of the Flap Tour Congress and Organization Company for their devoted work. I believe that this symposium, during which the subject of "Inflammation", one of the most hot topics of recent years will be extensively discussed in the context of evidence-based medicine and clinical experiences, will be very interesting and beneficial for all of our colleagues. 

On behalf of Konya-Antalya Regional Branch Administrative Board, I would like to invite you to the 39th Winter Symposium to be held in Antalya. We will be honored with your participation at our organization.
Best regards

Prof. Dr. Banu Bozkurt
Chief of TOA Konya-Antalya Regional Branch 
on behalf of the Administrative Board Members of TOA Konya-Antalya Branch