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Abstract Submission

Abstract submission deadline: 18 July 2016

Rules For Sending Abstracts

Rules for sending abstracts are subject to Items 4-5-6 of NCOC Instructions. 
If the owner of the paper is a Turkish ophthalmologist, the precondition is to be a member of the TOA with no outstanding debt to the Association either for the current year or the past years.
(The condition to be a member to TOA shall not be sought for specialists of other disciplines and foreign nationals –even though they are ophthalmologists).
All abstracts shall be submitted via web site only.
One person can submit “One Oral Presentation + One Poster” or “Two Posters” as the first author. Applications not respecting this rule will be automatically rejected by the system. Single case presentations can be submitted only as poster presentations. Presentation time of oral papers will be limited with 5 minutes including video demos. 

Posters will be presented as e-posters and prepared online. Software such as Microsoft-Powerpoint, etc. should be avoided.

Any nomination to “Best research work”, “Best poster”, “Best video”, “Best medical photograph” awards must  be submitted by checking relevant boxes on the paper submittal form provided in the web site. Nominations will be finalized only after the decision of the evaluation committee to accept the relevant work.

For Submitting Abstracts On the Web Site

Abstracts must be submitted through the link provided in the congress web site (www.todnet.org). Applications submitted in other forms including e-mail, written format, fax, disc or others will not be accepted.
Only the first authors shall be eligible for sending abstracts. For this purpose, owners of papers will need to know their TOA ID number and WEB password.

Members will have access to such information by filling in the relevant form provided in Members’ Info Bank on www.todnet.org or by directly e-mailing to webmaster@todnet.org.

Same rules shall apply to owners of papers, who are not TOA members. They will be provided with temporary ID numbers and passwords to be valid only throughout the congress. They will have to fill in the membership form provided in the congress website (www.todnet.org). Those, who may be in the position of filling forms for others should have access to their TOA ID numbers and web passwords.

First authors of papers will be eligible for submitting “1 oral presentation + 1 poster” or total “2 posters”. Rules applicable to filling in access forms for abstracts are provided on the relevant web page in detail. Please read through these rules carefully and pay special attention to the following so as to avoid any potential problems:

  • Fill in the names and family names of authors according to their order of listing in the study.
  • Be careful when making thematic classification.
  • Write the abstract by respecting its structure. Texts of papers should comprise “Objectives”, “Instruments and Methods”, “Results” and “Discussion” parts.
  • Papers should be written in a clear, proper and comprehensible language. Wording and spelling errors should be avoided.
  • Every time you post abstracts or make changes in your abstracts, please make sure that you reenter the preview section to check whether it appears in the database as you like or not.
  • Please keep a copy of confirmation messages that will be e-mailed to you following posting of abstracts.
  • Posters should be submitted as e-posters and should be prepared on the AbstractAgent system.
  • Text of the abstract should be 1000-2000 characters excluding authors’ information and abstract title.

Evaluation of Abstracts

Abstracts shall be submitted online to the Appraisal Committee comprised of 3 members, namely Chairperson, Secretary and Training Officer by hiding “authors’ names” and “study site” following thematic classification subject to control of NCOC. Appraisal committees shall pay maximum attention to evaluating oral presentations and posters according to numbers to be notified to them by the NCOC.

Members of the Appraisal Committee shall notify their decisions by checking on the online form. Papers will be appraised as “accepted – rejected” and “oral-poster-video-medical photo”. Appraisal committees shall have the authority to change their paper preferences. First authors may submit two oral presentations in line with the committee preferences.

Single case presentations (other than papers that require specific video presentations) may not be converted into oral presentations since they can be accepted only as posters. The relevant committee may ask additional proof from authors if there exists any doubt about authenticity of the study.

Video Library, Rules for Submitting Abstract Videos and Photos

Items 7.6 and 7.7 of the National Congress Organizing Committee Instructions lay down the rules for submitting videos and photographs to the congress.

7.6 - Video presentations

Should be prepared in max 5 minutes. Videos exceeding this time limit shall not be included in the program.

Abstract videos should be submitted until 1 September 2016 by filling in the video – photo abstract form provided on the congress web site. It should be specified whether the videos are submitted for the competition or for the library.

These abstracts will take place in the Congress Book. Videos shall be made available to the Congress Secretariat by 1 September 2016.

Video Feast: will be an activity during the congress where videos will be presented and discussed by their owners at the exhibition area. Videos will be selected by NCOC in the number to their discretion with the condition that there would be maximum two videos by the same presenter.

7.7 - Photo Presentations

Abstract photos should be posted by 1 September 2016 after filling in the video-photo abstract paper form provided in the congress web site.
Photos should be delivered to congress secretariat by 10.00 a.m. of the opening day and shall become displayable in the afternoon of the same day.


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